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Some of these are pages that have linked mine, and others are ones I have found interesting and/or informative.

Lionel's own homepage!

Zardoz Books
How can you not love a bookstore named for my favorite incomprehensable movie? The place is a Mecca for booklovers, pulp and otherwise. They have supplied probably two thirds of my Fanthorpe collection. If I ever go to England, I'm sure to look this store up. Oh... and if you buy a Badger out from under me that I need... I'll hunt you down and force you to endure endless darkness quotes!

There was nothing but pure, unadulterated darkness, a darkness that grew blacker and more stygian with every passing second, a blackness in which nothing mattered; a blackness in which there was no pain or strain or stress; a blackness as deep and dark as the very darkness of death itself; a darkness as of the tomb, and a darkness of the grave. Then gradually the darkness began to lift, pressure departed. It was like coming up after being submerged in a thousand feet of water. It was like rising from the ocean bed, the blackness became less velvety, less thick, less dense, and now as they struggled back toward the realms of consciousness, the blackness was broken up and relieved by stabs of red fire; red fire that was the pain in their eyes as they once more grew accustomed to the light; red fire that gave place to orange fire, and finally to great streaks of dazzling white. Then they were awake and conscious again.

Writing as R. Lionel Fanthorpe

Langford Home Page (pardon?)
A very silly man with more Hugo awards to his name that you will probably ever have hot dinners! Look for my link in his Ansible Links page. While you're at it, check out the back issues of Ansible. Very funny stuff even is some of it is incomprehensibe to American fans.

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Waystation Central Paperback and Pulp Links
Whoa, What a lotta links!

Paperbacks, Pulps, and Posters

The Permanent Renaissance

SF Site
The Home Page for Science Fiction and Fantasy

Judge A Book... By Its Cover!
Fun collection of paperback covers. All kinds here!