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An evil would-be-Dictator from the future has returned to the past to eliminate the ancestors of his opponents. Just before dying, a henchman has given Val Stearman and La Noire the location of the base of operation. They must rush to the aid of a good time traveller with all haste or else the future is doomed to suffer under a maniacal despot. Time is of the essence, so of course they must do basic engine maintenance before setting off.

      They stopped at the first filling station and loaded the tank of their four-wheeled missile. Val checked the oil, topped up the vast engine with a pint of best quality thirty grade, checked the big 12-volt battery, added a few drops of distilled water, to the third cell, and topped up the radiator as well. It was some time since he had had a minute to go around the big sports saloon, and while the attendant finished putting petrol in the tank, Val ran the compressor round the tyres and checked for any slight cuts or signs of wear. When a man drove as fast as Stearman drove it did not pay to neglect anything as vital as the tyres. The attendant finished filling the tank, and came across to the opened bonnet to see if he could be of any assistance. "Have you checked the hydraulic brake fluid, sir?" he asked helpfully.

      "No, I hadn't as a matter of fact," admitted Val. He opened the top of the hydraulic fluid reservoir, it needed a few drops to bring it right up to full. The attendant brought a canister of the liquid, and topped the reservoir. Val gave him a five pound note, told him to keep the change, and climbed back behind the wheel of the powerful sports saloon.

Suspension © R. Lionel Fanthorpe.