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From the Back Cover
    Oliver Marland was an ordinary crew man on a routine flight before disaster overtook the 5X5. The strange sequence of events affected the minds of the entire ship’s company-Marland alone was capable of getting them home safely.

    The changes had come to Oliver in a different way. They had set him apart from the others. He was feared and distrusted-not without reason! This was the paradox; they needed him-he needed them; but both sides feared the other too much for compromise.

    The only chance of breaking the deadlock lay with the unknown inhabitants of the planet they had been sent to survey-and the natives were not renowned for their gregarious amiability!

    This is more than a breath-taking suspense-packed Science Fiction story. It is a warmly human novel which sets out to examine the depths of bitterness which divide individuals and ethnic groups-the struggle between pride and the desire for reconciliation. Oliver Marland is an Outsider longing desperately to belong to a group which cannot survive without him and yet insists on rejecting him. The power of its mature philosophy cannot be ignored.

(British, Badger Books SF-111, 1965)

(USA, Arcadia House, 1969)