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Astounding Science Fiction Australian edition
October 1950

1952 Bager Books

Joan the Wad is an advert that appears in almost every Fanthorpe Badger book.
I thought it was amusing enough to include here.

Earlier versions like the one above, say "History Free for a Stamp" .
Later ones like the one below from 1960 says "History Free for a Shilling" .
. . .and you have to include a stamped self addressed envelope!

Funny. . . That's not my idea of free.
Especially since most Badgers only cost 2 shillings and six-pence!

Authentic SF No. 23 07-1952
Inside front cover

Authentic SF No. 23 07-1952
Inside back cover

1960 Badger Books

From Strange Stories Comic Book, date unknown

4 Page Brochure date unknown



(From an E-bay auction - Pictures used with permission)



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