Val Stearman and La Noire are recurring characters in many short stories contained in the Supernaturals books and a few of the full Science Fiction and Supernatural novels. Val is a burly newspaperman who starts off in the first story sceptical of the occult. He attends a seance and plans on denouncing it as a fraud in his column. His eyes are opened to the world of the supernatural and he rescues the beautiful medium from the clutches of the evil men who are using her for their own diabolical purposes. Over time we learn very little about the mysterious, enigmatic, Cleopatrine (Lionel's word, not mine!) La Noire. What we do find out is that she is far older than she looks. She may well be thousands of years old. Using Val's contacts at the paper, they find themselves investigating the wierd and the occult all over England, the world, outer space, the past, and the future. They right wrongs, slay evil, and help those in need. An email conversation confirmed a suspicion I have held for a while when Rev. Fanthorpe signed the e-mail: Warmest wishes, Lionel (alias Val Stearman) & Patricia (alias la Noire)


From SN014: Val first meets La Noire and the Hideous Trio!

From SN017: The battle between our heroes and The Hideous Trio intensifies. What fate awaits Val & La Noire in The Secret Room of Clayburn Castle?

From SN019: Val & La Noire help a vicar rid his graveyard of a supernatural menace, and one of the Hideous Trio DIES!

From SN020: A trip behind the iron curtain to save a fellow reporter turns into more than anyone bargained for... And the second of the Hideous Trio DIES!!!!

From SN021: A good deed is repaid with interest when things seem their most hopeless. This story features the end of the Hideous Trio... Or does it?

From SN023: The train car still hurtled along after the derailment. Twelve people found themselves on a disused side line... But a side line to where?

From SN024: An unexpected windfall allows Val & La Noire to go on holliday in Uruguay. A strange green cloud sucks all the fun out of their intended vacation.

From SN025: The case of a ghost... Who wants to exorcise himself??!!

From SN027: Val and La Noire are forced to bail out of thier plane over a forbidding jungle. Can they survive the horrors of the verdant jungle and THE KILLING SOUND????

From SN030: They killed the fiend, but its devilish hand followed them relentlessly!

From SN033: A night out at the theatre becomes a study in terror as our two realize that the audience is filled with familiar faces... all of them dead!

From SN037: Val & La Noire rent a boat and end up back in time in a Roman Amphitheatre. If you want a travelogue about British country roads or rivers, then this story is for you!

From SN038: Val gets scooped about a new expedition to find the creature at Loch Ness. Could they actually be giant intelligent, telepathic plesiosaurs?

From SN039: Can a really bad meal deter Val and La Noire from avenging Otto Krugenstein?

From SN041: A digging crew uncovers a strange green unopenable sarcophagus. Val and La Noire enlist the aid of a foremost scientist to open it, but will they be sorry?

From SN043: The Stearmans get called out on a miserable night only to be sucked down close to HELL!

From SN047: La Noire brings back a trinket from her shopping trip on Portobello Road, only to discover it is far more than what it seems!

From SN049: The noise from the Egyptian Room of the museum spells death for all who investigate!

From SN051: A mysterious phone call leads to a nefarious uncle trying to scare his young charge to death, but can his lies be true?

From SN053: The island hated people, but it wouldn't let them die!

From SN055: Val and La Noire have car trouble on a lonely country road. Time for a little parking...? Nope, they're too busy fighting The Mountain Thing!

From SN057: This poltergeist can do more than just fling crockery around!

From SN059: Val & La Noire help a Texas oil-man rid his Persian drilling site of The White Demon!

From SN061: While rescuing an errant potholer, Val & La Noire fall through a hole in time!

From SN073: Val plays Father Christmas for a group of orphans while the former owner of Ranelegh Grange isn't sure he likes the new tenants!

SF089: Val & La Noire get infected with a space plague and visit a planet full of evil telepathic dinosaurs.
FULL NOVEL in PDF format!

From SN075: Room 13 in the Green Star hotel disappears with alarming frequency, taking the occupents with it!

SF092: Val & La Noire help a Time Warden find some dangerous time criminals!
FULL NOVEL in PDF format!

SN080: Val & La Noire investigate the claims of Roger Brinton that a grave with his name on it is following him!
FULL NOVEL in PDF format!

From SN081: Val & La Noire must rescue the 17 year old granddaughter of Val's editor who has been kidnapped in North Africa for "obvious reasons"

SN084: The tablets release an unspeakable horror from past. Can it be overcome?
FULL NOVEL in PDF format!

SF100: Scientists from the Hemmingate Research Facility have been dissapearing and Val & La Noire are asked to investigate, only to dissapear themselves!
FULL NOVEL in PDF format!

SF102: Catherine finds herself falling in love with an enigmatic time traveler from the future, but how can their love survive when his visit to the past is over?
FULL NOVEL in PDF format!

SN090: Val's cousin is in trouble with evil puppet wielding Satanists!
FULL NOVEL in PDF format!

SF115: Elspeth answers an weird job ad and winds up regretting it!
FULL NOVEL in PDF format!

From SN103: Tony Corelli buys a used TV that was the only witness to a ghastly murder. Will the images show enough for our pair to stop a crazed killer from killing again?

From SN105: The Hideous Trio return from beyond the grave to menace Val & La Noire in their final Badger Books appearance.

The stories contained in this archive are © R. Lionel Fanthorpe, all rights reserved. These stories may not be sold, edited, or redistributed without the express permission of R. Lionel Fanthorpe. Used here with permission.


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