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From the Back Cover
    Inexplicable electro-magnetic disturbances threw the Avon's passengers and crew into confusion as their ship was dragged off course. Colission with a huge asteroid seemed enevitable and the Avon was abandoned.
    Ferdin escaped in a life capsule and landed--more dead than alive--on the unexpected planetoid. To his surprise, a powerful pseudo-grav generator and a vast atmosphere and humidity plant simulated terrestrial conditions with uncanny accuracy.
    The asteroid was inhabited and strangely inhabited at that! There was Rosper-a remote, aloof, scientific genius, whose past held strange secrets. There was his beautiful, unbelievably innocent daughter, Darmina, who knew no other home but the strange asteroid; and above all there was a creature called Canbail-apparently some strange life-form indigenous to the asteroid! A peculiar gestalt involving Ferdin and many other's took shape under the calculating superision of the Leira Mark 2, the most frighteningly potent of Rosper's inventions.
    This is more than an excitingly written science-fiction novel; it is a saga of deep human emotions reacting strangely to a peculiar, but plausible, environment.
(British, Badger Books SF-112, 1965)