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From the Back Cover
    Leinster was a scientist with rather odd political ideas. When he discovers a new super-efficient rocket projectile he decides to publish his findings to the entire world.
    The implications are tremendous. Whoever reaches the moon first and establishes a base can control the earth...
    East and West despatch their various expeditions and the space race ends in something like a photo-finish.
    Almost every Lunar crater in the Sea of Rains becomes a base for one or other of the great powers, and a new miniature cold-war develops on the moon.
    Suddenly the leaders of the various expeditions mysteriously disappear. What sinister power is at work?
    Does life still exist below the dead surface of Lunar?
    Has our satellite been the target for non-human space expeditions?
    Can the earth men combine against this weird scientific peril?
    Or will they remain divided and fall before the terrible alien aggressor?
    "Satellite" is the work of one of the few really outstanding current writers of science fiction

R. Lionel Fanthorpe

(British, Badger Books SF-27, 1964)